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Park Chanyeol a fiery Prince of darkness and heir to Hells throne! Tired and resentful, of his position within a royal court he never asked to be part of stumbles across a mortal man! A mortal graced with the kindness and ethereal beauty of the heavens, he certainly doesn't deserve to fall for Park Chanyeol was on his heat for the very first time and he didn't know what to do. Because of panic, he locked his self inside of one the rooms in a house where his bestfriend brought him. And to his surprise he is not alone at the said room. And to surprise him more, it's no other than, the campus well-known bully An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Work To Chanyeol, he was merely a shell of the human he used to be, and he wasn't quite sure he was ever going to become that person again. The least he could do was try, right? or. Chanyeol tries to fix things the only way he knows how. Series. Part 2 of Wasted Times; Language: English Words: 2,409 Chapters: 1/1 Comments:

Chanyeol is a wolf, an alpha, a warrior. He doesn't have time for mates, only battle and violence. It was his true calling in life. However, he begins to lose himself to the chaotic charms of a mysterious creature with the ability to kill him in a heartbeat Byun Baekhyun was one of the well known doctors at the most renowned hospital in Seoul. He had achieved his dream of being a doctor and lived comfortably all alone without a regret but there was something he really wanted, only one thing.. Park Chanyeol, one of the most eligible bachelors in all of Korea lives carefree Chanyeol might be older than the rest of the class, but it doesn't mean he's less passionate. He might be stuck in an art block for a while now, but the new muse might be what it takes for him to get his work displayed at the exhibition of his favorite contemporary artist, the one and only Kim Kai

Park Chanyeol é um vampirinho atrapalhado que amava café quando ainda era humano e, mesmo que não possa ingerir mais nada que não seja sangue; decidido à seguir carreira nessa área, mesmo com os protestos de seus amigos vampiros, ele passa a trabalhar em uma loja da Starbucks, onde tem como meta pessoal alegrar o dia de todos os seus clientes Até que um cliente diferente começa a. Pairing: Baekhyun / Chanyeol Rating: M Length: Chaptered (Complete) Genre: ballet!au Warnings: none Summary: As an experienced pianist, Chanyeol can say that he's never been in a situation quite like playing for the ballet company. And it's all Byun Baekhyun's fault. Ao3

BOTTOM!CHANYEOL FEST: THE PROMPT ADOPTION #1. Greetings again bottom!yeol enthusiasts! I hope you're not too tired of me yet! Round 1 is officially over, and I hope you've had a lot of fun with it! We have a lot of great unclaimed/dropped prompts from round 1, and many of you seem to think the same. We also had plenty of authors and artists who. chankai ao3 feed X. just to brighten your day with chankai goodness 2 boys 1 blog infinite fanfics. X. chankai-ao3 Index Message Archives. X. 250321-114_ X. as royal as they come, may be › by iamriamalhotra. the quick sweep Guitarist Park Chanyeol,. Chanyeol the nerdy engineer from college knew he'd never get a girlfriend, let alone one that lived up to his standards; so instead, he'll build one and he'll make her perfect. Baekkuma, designed by Park Chanyeol. Chanyeol has a secret admirer and finally, his secret admirer had asked him to meet at the school rooftop Genre: Smut. AU: ABO, Mpreg. Warning: threesome, knotting, mpreg, lactation, size kink, breeding, felching. Summary: Kyungsoo is the heir to an omega led pack. It is his job to take care of the alpha ruts in his pack - even if the ruts belong to his two close friends (and resident alpha giants) Chanyeol and Jongin

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Exo fanfic ao3 - exo (band) (37071) k-pop (1698) 방탄소년단 machstmiteinanderdoch.fu Chanyeol would have never thought that his best friend Kyungsoo would have taken him to a sex shop just because he needed to buy something to surprise his boyfriend Jongin, but he also didn't expect to meet there the most handsome boy he had ever seen, Baekhyun, and to date someone who works in a sex shop. ao3 link . aff lin chankai ao3 feed X. just to brighten your day with chankai goodness 2 boys 1 blog infinite fanfics. X. chankai-ao3 Index Message Archives. X. 250121-1414_ X Additional Tags: Fluff and Smut, Bottom Park Chanyeol, Top Kim Jongin | Kai, Brotheragem, Explicit Sexual Content,. Length: One shot. Status: Complete. Rating: NC-17. Genre: romance, smut, college!au, bottom!yeol, top!baek. Summary: No one likes Baekhyun because— well, he's an asshole. However, Chanyeol thinks he's fine just as he is and intends to win him over. Baekhyun is skeptical, and Chanyeol's just a lovesick rich boy. [ AO3

we're an OT12 blog focused on collecting ace, aro, and agender exo fics in one place for your reading pleasure Park Chanyeol becomes the world's most dangerous weapon and Byun Baekhyun is the unlucky agent assigned to retrieve him. They fall in love somewhere along the way. Before I decided to create this side blog, I've read so many good fics of chanbaek from various platform Chanyeol wants to be a knight, just like his father. When he sees Prince Baekhyun for the first time, he decides that he is the person he'll protect until the day he dies. They live, they laugh, they love, and then they become lost to each other, yet Chanyeol promises to every god out there that he'll reclaim Baekhyun as his own, and no man shall stand in his way Description: Chanyeol has never second-guessed himself until he stumbles upon a video about self-realization (and makeup).. Relationship: Chanbaek. Characters: Park Chanyeol, Byun Baekhyun. Status: Ongoing (Chapters: 8/?). Chapter Warnings: nsfw, mental health issues, talk of death/suicide. Link

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  1. chankai ao3 feed X. just to brighten your day with chankai goodness 2 boys 1 blog infinite fanfics. X. chankai-ao3 Index Message Archives. X. 240121-1814_ X. Se somos Relationships: Kim Jongin | Kai/Park Chanyeol; Additional Tags: ChanKai, kaiyeol - Freeform, Drabble
  2. ate, and others will be much more spread out, e.g. RV who have 832, 660, and then it drops to 191 with Wendy & Seulgi
  3. Chanyeol and Kyungsoo both wore matching ties from Gucci. Chanyeol a bowtie with a flower, and Kyungsoo a regular tie with a bee. (Ref. Ref.) When they entered the stage at first during the introduction, Chanyeol gestured towards Kyungsoo beside him and pulled him forward gently to bow
  4. See a recent post on Tumblr from @yeolsmuffin about chanyeol in the works. Discover more posts about chanyeol in the works. Log in Sign up. Recent Top. yeolsmuffin. Follow. Defy - Series Masterlist. A series of stories set in a universe where soulmates have begun to defy the norm. chankai-ao3. chankai ao3 feed
  5. A list of fanfiction I've written. In no particular order because I'm so lazy. For NCT fic masterlist, go here. Legend: () - mostly comments about the fic, will be used to indicate if the story is..
  6. Chanyeol watches him carefully, like a hawk, irises flashing burgundy red. I'm sorry for wasting your time then, Jongin starts to reply, but Chanyeol waves him off. #AO3 works tagged 'Kim Jongin | Kai/Park Chanyeol' #chankai #exo #chanyeol #kai #jongin #kaiyeol #ao3
  7. Characters Park Chanyeol, Byun Baekhyun, Kim Jung Myeon, Kim Minseok, Kim Jongin, Do Kyungsoo, Kim Jongdae, Oh Sehun, Zhang Yixing. Since i've joined, and i'll keep doing it, lot of fic fests on twitter and they post the fics on ao3, i decided to share the links also here, so you can read them if you want

Since i've joined, and i'll keep doing it, lot of fic fests on twitter and they post the fics on ao3, i decided to share the links also here, so you can read them if you want! Every chapter will contain the plot and the ao3 link for the fic [ Chanyeol ] K.I.S.S Keep it simple, stupid, Chanyeol/Sehun, E Sehun's the new guy in IT, and constantly having to fix the myriad tech issues of one Park Chanyeol. Kind of annoying, but mostly fine, until Sehun actually meets Chanyeol - because he isn't at all what Sehun was expecting Chanyeol asked with the same expression. I am gonna work here! See! Baekhyun pulled out his acceptation letter. What?! I am gonna work here too! Chanyeol pulled his letter out. NO!!! Both screamed in agony. What's gonna happen when to rivals from High school, end up working Chanyeol only wanted to protect the pretty boy, wanting nothing more than to keep the look of hatred and anger from his life. And yet Fate had other plans. Baekhyun didn't plan on meeting Chanyeol, nor did he actually want to after their encounter. All he was there for was a simple photo shoot, then be on his way Title: LemonadeAuthor: grenadillePairing: Chanyeol/KaiStatus: CompleteLength: OneshotRating: PG-15Genre: Fluff, high school!au, coming out (transgender character)Summary: Chanyeol is whipped. Chanyeol worries too much. But Chanyeol knows his love for Jongin won't ever change

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Baekhyun & Chanyeol (EXO) EXO's Baekhyun and Chanyeol were the 10th most popular K-Pop fanfiction pairing on AO3 in 2020, and the 78th most popular pairing overall. The pairing, often known as ChanBaek to fans, had 1,852 new fanfictions written about them last year Read chanyeol+exo! from the story bttmpcy [ficrec] by owoshua with 2,289 reads. exo, bottomchanyeol, chanyeolxexo. oh gosh the gangbang was high quality ngl!Th..

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We know that the kpop fandom has brilliant writers and the exo fandom has some of the best. This tumblr is dedicated to records and recommendations for good reads and reviews of all types of Exo fics... Chanbaek angst fanfic recommendation. So, I believe you guys have already read famous chanbaek angst fanfics like 10080, the faults in byun baekhyun, innocent, baby's breath, Erstwhile and E4SE (make.. Chanyeol couldn't help himself as his smile cracked wide, heart beating a mile a minute. Yes, they are indeed married, and Chanyeol still can not control those emotions of intense shyness. It felt like it wasn't really in his power, being around Baekhyun always made him nervous in a happy-excited kind of way, like the first few stages of love I MAKE ĒXØ mood boards Chanbaek fanfics ĒXØ sketches instagram, Twitter, ao3, aff, wattpad account: @chibiyeolli

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mica eℓℓa on Twitter: "chanyeol and jongin will appear in

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• • → EXO-L, OT9, ChanBaek, SeHo, LayHan, XiuChen, KaiSoo Shipper, AU Writer .:。 *゚'゚・ .。.:* *.:。 *゚'゚・ .。.:* *.:。. chankai-ao3 Index Message Archives. X. 611845696761577472 X. Five Folds › by That is until Chanyeol develops feelings for Jongin that he does not want to return. Jongin begins to notice Chanyeol's persistence and cannot determine whether it is admirable or concerning

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Pls watch in 1080p with headphones for best quality.READ THE STORY HERE: https://archiveofourown.org/works/15846399Listen, I always say that I didn't choose. Description on AO3: He had never been so thankful to read 4:37am on his phone as he crept down the stairs to the hotel lobby. That meant there would be nobody there. Nobody to take his picture and throw it online for the whole world to see. Nobody to start a rumour that would end his career in a matter of minutes AO3. Hold Me Closer, Sleepy Dancer by baeconandeggs, surgicalfocus. Summary : With a demanding job, a recent heartbreak and the everyday trials of a chronic illness, Chanyeol is convinced that romance no longer has a place in his little world — until the guy of his dreams suddenly waltzes into the picture and asks if he'd like to dance. AO3 good company is hard to find (jakeun) chanyeol/do. pg. chanyeol is the bassist for a band called beagle room, and kyungsoo's a big fan of his mixtapes. over the course of one night, in an adventure across seoul, they somehow fall together.; the more things change the more they stay the same (gdgdbaby) chanyeol/do. r. chanyeol gets a new editor. it takes him a while to adjust. manhwa artist AU See a recent post on Tumblr from @chealinks about chankai. Discover more posts about chanyeol, jongin, exo, park chanyeol, kim jongin, kai, and chankai

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  1. Description: Chanyeol worked as an editor in the city. Baekhyun, on the other hand, well, Chanyeol didn't really know what he did anymore. The last time they spoke, it was the day he left the rural town, which was also the last day he saw his husband. Rating: M. Tags: chanbaek, romance, generalau, happy ending, some nsfw at the end . Read Here
  2. , Lay, Chen and former members Kris, Luhan and Tao ), perfor
  3. This is a rec blog for only rated exo fics. All pairings welcome! Please feel free to submit a great..
  4. LotusK on AFF | lotusk / whiplashangel on AO3. Ask away! Submit a post. Photos 4486 Notes. jsuh: 'two romeos' for w magazine // jcc ep.21. Photos 265 Notes. dramalordess: How to wear blindfolds in C-dramas. Photos 942 Notes. imbluesky: W h o s a i d.
  5. Kim Junmyeon has it all: Wealth, perfect grades, the perfect fiancee, and soon class presidency... Or so he thought. What was supposed to be his last and greatest year of high school would soon become his greatest nightmare when the new student, Kris Wu, threatens to take everything away
  6. AO3 mirror. Written for jinsonology, originally posted here. It's ridiculous that Jackson has to spend every Friday of his senior year waking up at 9:00AM to attend a class on conflict resolution with a bunch of freshmen -- although Park Jinyoung's smile more than makes up for it. ( Collapse
  7. Chibiyeollie I MAKE ĒXØ mood boards Chanbaek fanfics ĒXØ sketches instagram, Twitter, ao3, aff, wattpad account: @chibiyeolli

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  1. longest chanbaek fics on ao3. thechanbaeklibrary. hello, friends! it's me again with a masterpost no one asked (actually a lot of you have).. only fics from 300k to 50k words were added. also check: chanbaek fics with the most kudos on ao3: a masterpost; and it's yet another long list, be prepared
  2. 4/∞ just chansoo 120525 fan signing (+baekhyun) #chanyeol #d.o #baekhyun #exosnet #chansoo #chansoobaek #exo #my gifs: exo #just chansoo #exo k #kyungsoo #fs: suave do #just chansoo w/baek #i've loved chansoo since 2012 T_T #but at same time i like chansoobaek #an oldie but goodie #soo's so adorable here #his hair #i don't think i looked at baek much during this time #so it's kinda funny now.
  3. I MAKE ĒXØ mood boards Chanbaek fanfics ĒXØ sketches instagram, Twitter, ao3, aff, wattpad account: @chibiyeollie. Chibiyeollie. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings logo chanyeol park chanyeol exo chanyeol exo chanbaek. 169 notes. 169 notes Sep 30th, 2017
  4. • • → EXO-L, ChanBaek, SeHo, XiuChen, KaiSoo Shipper, AU Write
  5. Jun 11, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Sailor AO3. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres
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chanbaek baekyeol chanyeol baekhyun the sweetest thing ao3 oneshot smut bdsm MasterSlave Relationship nc17 by z all historical 66 notes May 23rd, 2017 Open in ap Chanyeol didn't think he was any of the things that an alpha should be. He mostly lacked the instinct to lead or be dominant. That was until he met his extremely adorable neighbor. The Jaw & The Bone ♡ | comedy | romance | smut | nc-17. Chanyeol has been suffering from erectile dysfunction

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  1. instagram, Twitter, ao3, aff, wattpad account: @chibiyeollie Happy Chanyeol day to you all ️ . Some birthday icons from me ^^ chanyeol exo park chanyeol exo chanyeol chanbaek baekyeol chanhun yeol Chanyeol edit Chanyeol birthday. 15 notes. 15 notes Nov 26th, 2018. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink.
  2. Somewhere between a jazz club and a space ship, between this life and the next, Chanyeol falls in love. ao3. #fic #exo #chanbaek #20 #fav. #chanbaek #exo #fanfic #20. LOST FOREVER by singilu. chanbaek; 12.631; let's get married when we're older au; Marriage pacts only ever work out in rom-coms from the nineties
  3. 19. exo and nct and blackpink. chanyeol biased. i make edits and write fanfics on ao3. puppyeolie. white noise. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. white noise 19. exo and nct and blackpink.
  4. Chibiyeollie — Chanyeol moodboard. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. instagram, Twitter, ao3, aff, wattpad account: @chibiyeollie Posts; Archive; Chanyeol moodboard. exo chanyeol park chanyeol exo chanyeol tommyhilfiger chanyeol edit chanyeol moodboard chanbaek baekyeol exo moodboard. 67 notes

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Baekhyun ️ Chanyeol. Find my fanart on ig @baekilui and my fanfics on ao3 @baekilui huhu. -baekyeolpositivevibes Author to Park Chanyeol's Slave. littleprincehyun. Baekhyun will rule the world, one tiny step at a time. Ot9(Ot12) ride or die. Chanbaek hypeman BGM : Monsta X - Jealousy , Brandy & Monica - The Boy Is Min Pairing: Xiumin / Luhan, Chanyeol / Chen, Suho / Sehun Rating: PG-13 Length: 7k words Summary:Love is complicated. Especially when the new lion king starts picking off your mate/ wannabe mate.... Read here: AO3 | AFF Nov 4, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Genilza Carvalho. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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  1. Anak pa turing eh? Tawa ni Chanyeol. But seriously, baby, I'm so nervous right now. Tanggap man nila o hindi, dalawa tayo rito, Lo. Gagawin natin ang lahat para matanggap nila tayo
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